Thursday, December 29, 2005

Ghosts Of Crazy Children Past

So I'm walking through the mall, dressed up like an adult in the pants I got for Christmas (long enough!! My pants touch the top of my shoes!!), when a kid rushes up and matches my steps.

Junior III!

So here is Educat, dressed like a real adult, exclaiming with delight at seeing this baggy pants-ed, over-blinged, young man. I love the picture it must have made.

Here's the bad news from the visit: He's not been in school since he was kicked out of my school (what for? non-attendance.) and really doesn't know if he wants to return, since he'd still be in 9th grade. He was working at Long John Silver's, but was fired. I begged him to go back to school and to come and see me if he returns to our school.

The good news? Evidently all this hardship hasn't taken the song from his heart. He danced around the entire time we spoke.

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