Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Let's Have A Baby So We Can Give Him A Jacked Up Name!

Most of my blog entries come while mulling over the day on my drive home. I love my 20 min drive. I use it to gather my thoughts, catch up on news, pray, whatever. When I think over the funny parts of the day, I usually think about how to spin them here.

This would be a very different blog if I ever cease to live alone. I might deconstruct my day to an actual person than to the internet.

So here is what happened in my brain today on the drive. It's a struggle between my loving caring nurturer and my bitchy, cynical, sarcastic side.

I got this kid in class today named (and I will give his real name only as it is relevant to the joke)Ted Junior Nugent III.

Evil Jen---What in the damn are his parents thinking!? How do you name a kid
Nipsy Junior Russell III!?!?
Nurturing Jen---But you don't know the whole story, there has to be something else,
maybe all those names have meaning!
Evil Jen---Yeah, maybe they all mean "I'm a gooney idiot and cannot be
trusted to name a child".

See where my brain goes? I still laugh hard at Lyndon Junior LaRouche III and plan to just giggle at my inner struggle.


Anonymous said...

Loved the pictures! And never fear about living with someone taking away from your blogging. Many tines I don't even realize I'm going to blog about something until I am in the middle of telling it to Micah. Of course, how annoying is it that I'm always interrupting myself by shouting, "I've gotta blog about this!!!!"?

kara said...

how funny is it that i was having a similar conversation with some friends tonight?... i decided that when they have kids they should name their son:
john the nineteenth ... and i'm sad to think that maybe someone out there is actually named that. i'll say a prayer for them right now. you should find out the story behind the Nuge... i'm curious.