Monday, December 26, 2005

Because You Asked, Knitting Teacher...

There's been quite a bit on the needles lately. Dishcloths made great small gifts. I always thought they were an odd gift, but I got requests! Who knew? I am in the last throes of dishcloth mania and long to start the baby sweater/gown for the wee McCarty.

I did take a short break from dishcloths for a baby gift (since she's already three months old and I look like the worst friend ever). I finally did some knitting in the round! Behold!!!

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It's the Umbilical Cord Hat from Stitch and Bitch. Note the wee run that ought not to be in the front. It is a result of starting on double points as no place in town carries 16" circular needles. Ok, someplace does. But it's the fourth place I looked and a fancy yarn store that doesn't run coupons in the paper like other places. Why is this!? So there you are, make Educat happy and score a hat for 16" circulars in any size but 7. Because I shelled out the car-azy price they wanted for the size 7 needles and if you would not after seeing that baby nose and mouth combo then you have a dark place for your soul and should retire to a black mountain and drink from a skull.

A whole new world might be opening. Expect many photos of knitted tubes. BECAUSE I CAN!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful student! Go to the head of the class immediately. And now that you can knit tubes with joy, it's time to learn socks. If you think wash cloths are addictive, just wait!

Best wishes of the season.
Your knitting instructor.

Wow; I just figured out how to be something other than Anonymous.

Amerloc said...

You make it sound as if living on a black mountain and drinking from skulls is a worse thing than knitting tubes....

Pearl two.