Sunday, October 23, 2005

Educat, Plain And Tall

In which Educat holds forth on fashion trends of the day

It happens to me every Fall. Every year at this time, I start to brood and wonder about long pants. See, I am five foot ten and short waisted. The capri trend was made for me. All my pants become capris by default. I try to extend the capri season for as long as possible but the time has come, there is no avoiding it--I have to wear long pants now. Every. Single. Day.

I live in a state of constant dissatisfaction with my current selection of pants. Every October payday, when Fall Break approaches and the pay for my second job kicks in, I am brimming with this discontent and head out. Out I go to look for pants.

So this weekend began Khaki Quest 05. I didn't find much. Let's leave it there. I am not average length. I will never be average length. Even if I became average width, I would still not be average length. Please, pants people, more talls!?

But that's not what I want to speak of. I want to speak of sequins.

I believe in a few sequins. I have done the accented shoes (a brave move given that my feet are proportionate to my height), I own a charming sequined pin. Fine. I can go that far. I would, however, like to step off of the sequin train at a point. Was is the advent of purses that pushed me away? Was it imagining the fully sequined shoes on large feet? Perhaps the idea of wrapping them around my waist as a belt, thus shining a light on an area best kept dark? No, it was pants again. Pants and skirts. Did I mention that I saw a pair of sequin trimmed pants? Did I tell you how I want to love sequin skirts for their whimsical, gypsy like look but then envisioned the reality of sequins on my ass?

There. That's my style corner. Expect another edition next fall when my pants angst kicks in.


Susan said...

I am frightened of the sequined pants. I think we should all be.

I still harbor the hope that MAYBE there is a minimally sequined skirt out there that MIGHT work for me. Except that I don't think MINIMAL and SEQUINS go together this season, do they? Damn.

Jim Jannotti said...

Women do not have a corner on the clothes angst market. I hate the advent of long pants time as well.

I am 6 foot 1 and fairly slender. I need 34x34 pants. I can NEVER find them. Not ever. Last week I went to Kohl's because of an unfortunate incident involving a bic gel pen, all my favorite warm water washables, and the drier. There was one pair of 34x34 cotton khakis in the store. I bought them of course.

In my case I think it has more to do with my being the same size as everybody and their brother... or maybe the retail workers just see me coming.

P M Prescott said...

In Oklahoma you don't have a Western Wear store around that have denim colors or blue jeans in what they call "Stackers" that are always about six inches too long so they stack up on your boots? At least that's the style around here, but then it might have passed everwhere else. We seem to be five to ten years behind everyone else in style.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain! I'm 5'9" and wear size 11 shoes! I usually stick with catalog shopping (Land's End, Lane Bryant, and Maryland Square) because it's a miracle if I can find anything off the rack. To add to my dilemma, I wear plus sizes, and designers seem to think that tall, Rubenesque women either don't exist or don't wear clothes.

By the way, what is up with those sequined purses? I think designers are having fun with us this fall. Who looks good in those low-waisted Bohemian skirts? And not even the skinniest girls look good in those knit gaucho pants. I think it's a conspiracy...

Scott Jones said...

Sorry I've been out for a week. Just catching up.

Question, since you are the person that most like to discuss blogging as an experience, of all my blogfriends (should that have a hyphen?). Why is it that so often the essays that one likes the best, thinks may be among the best things one has ever written, get no comments?

anjeom -- v. Angelina Jolie doing yoga.

educat said...

Thanks to all for your fashion commentary. Let's go in turn (except for Scott, I think my thoughts for your question get an entry)...

Susan, I'm with you, sister. I think if I venture out to attempt the sequin skirt again, I'll use you for moral support.

Jim, Kohl's is nearly dead to me, the carry NO talls.

Greek Shadow, I never fully embraced the Western look. This despite the fact that my father worked for 30 years at a local retail outlet that sold (among other things) Western Wear. My first job was working for him in the shoe department at the height of the roper craze. Want a suprise? I was really good at selling boots. I can speak to you for 15 min about heel slip and width and such. I still have the pricey black pointy toed cowboy (NOT ROPER) boots I worked for one January term while watching Wolf Blitzer and the Gulf War in the boot dept.

Oh, fellow English teacher...yes. There is room here on earth for you and me and Bea Arthur.