Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Although This Isn't That Sort Of Blog...

I am not the person who wishes an RIP to celebrities. First of all, dead people don't read this blog (or at least they never comment). Secondly, I've thought this through and I'm pretty sure that the deceased aren't concious of a resting state.

That said, I will nonetheless note the death of Larry "Bud" Melman actor Calvert DeForest. I note this for a few reasons...

  1. He is fifty years older than me to the day.
  2. Mister Larry's Toast on a Stick was the funniest thing my twelve year old self had ever heard (Yep, I was five foot seven and laughed at Toast on a Stick. I think it goes without saying that puberty was an ugly,ugly time for the Educat.)
  3. The last lines of the news article I read:

"At his request, there will be no funeral service for DeForest, who left no survivors."

So even if this is a dippy little blog, he should be remembered.

*snort* Toast on a Stick...

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