Friday, March 16, 2007

Get Friends Like This

Because you'll need it on a funny week when Robespierre wears white patent shoes with silver tips to school. You'll need her to send you links like this.

If you need a second to worship after seeing that, it's fine. I'll wait.

And then, when you have a particularly crazy midterm-exam-day-before-Spring-Break starts, one of those days when the noise of a girl fight bleeds onto the morning announcements and a child throws a fit in the hall during tests yelling, "I don't wanna take a test, I wanna ride a train!!", you'll need her to call and vent. She'll be the friend to put it into perspective.

"Yeah, I get it. We had the health fair yesterday and guess what they gave


"Lube and whistles."

These are the friends you'll need.


kv said...

we get it. so few others do.

a pleasure talking to you, my dear.

(woohoo! a blog entry dedicated to me. hah!)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I need me some Moses sandals to go with the Jesus in da Hood!