Monday, April 02, 2007

In The Spring, A High School's Fancy Lightly Turns To Thoughts Of Feet

It's that time of year. The stress increases along with student insanity and the temperature of my classroom.

We could speak of horrid evils, but instead, let's laugh at children.

I came around from the podium to sit on the front desk of my classroom. I was wearing sassy sandals today and one girl noticed my newly pedicured toes.

"Oooohh, Miss! Why don't you got no pichers on your toes?"
"Why don't they paint nothin but red on your toes?"
"Oh! Well, I guess I'm just not a picture on my toes kind of gal."

If I were, though, I think it might be something by Klimt.

Last period is when I have That Boy. I'll not attempt to describe him, I'll just let you figure it out.

me:"Oh!" I said, remembering their homework right after their grammar was
passed up, "you know what else I need?"
That Boy: "A pair of Manolos, Miss?"
puzzled me: "Um, no, your questions and response to the essay."
That Boy: "But you'd really like the shoes, right Miss?"


Anonymous said...

LOL - When you referred to pictures on your toes, I thought you meant a tattoo, not a pedicure :) I have a tat on my toe and it takes the students several weeks to even notice it and some never do notice it :)

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

There is no way a boy from the buckle of the Bible Belt should even know what Manolos are.

He must be a fereigner-- lahk, from Connecticut?