Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Today In Waiting Room Oddities

Right now, there's a family sitting near me in Critical Care Waiting. They are feasting on Krispy Kreme donuts that arrived right after a massive Olive Garden meal was consumed. I either admire their ability to have joy (and an appetite) in the face of grief or I wish their loved one a speedy recovery from their nose job.

I'll not judge which.

They're talking about how much they hate The Dixie Chips (not a typo, pals and gals, The Dixie Chips) and the conversation is being led by a man who has all day carried a copy of a Joel Osteen book in the front of his windpants. I am not sure if sitting is very comfortable for him right now.

That's all. No story. I just wanted to get the chance to type the words Joel Osteen pants and publish it on the internets.

Joel Osteen pants!! Joel Osteen pants!!!


Wasp Jerky said...

Dixie chips? Blegh. I'll stick with jalapeƱo or salt and vinegar.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I love them Dixie Chips. They gave ol' Bushie the what-for.

Melissa N said...

Good to know you're finding humor even though your Dad's in the ICU.

What hospital is he at (if you don't mind my asking).

My dad's been at Deaconess about 5 weeks now (pancreatitis again) and just recently got moved to ICU himself.

Hopefully your dad will be out of the ICU soon!

Tim Sean said...

When I was a chaplain in a hospital in Ft. Worth, I sat with a family whose father had accidently shot his own daughter in the middle of the night (thought she was a burglar, turns out she was sneaking her boyfriend out of the house). He brought a dime store novel with him, stuck in his back pocket, for the wait during her surgery. It was entitled, "Texas Gunman."

educat said...

Melissa, I am looking for your email. In the name of anonymity and dad's privacy I don't want to say much here, but I'll get you info. Your family has been on my mind since I read your comment. It's been said that I'm too young to go through this but you and your family? Eigh. Far too young.

Tim, that might be the best waiting room story ever--with the possible exception of the family that brought their own sofa bed. We've had the guy who looks like the guy from Office Space that got VERY excited about all the free coffee you can drink and a few kids who grow hilarious with boredom (each their own tale), but Gunman is good stuff.

40 said...