Monday, June 19, 2006

I Am SIT-ting on my LAP-top 'Cause The WAIT-ing Room Has Wifi

Ok, enough. I've had it with being morose on the blog. Granted, we are still in ICU and it's been nine and a half weeks of ugly, but I don't live this sad all the time.

And a friend just reminded me of that.

The Crib Chick gave a lovely tribute to me today (and yes, those are real live, direct transcripts of two different phone conversations) and when she called to tell me about it (although I do read her blog, a phone heads up never hurts) I waiting-room-whisper-screamed to her "Get to my blog and watch the lettuce!!!!!

I have laughed at a few things...

Yesterday, we were returning a wheelchair (because to add to the party, there's a sprained ankle among us!! Get your rubber chickens, people. We are a tribe-full of Shecky Greens!!), a kid who couldn't have been more than six stood nearby waiting patiently on the wheelchair.

"You're waiting on this, aren't you?" I asked

"Yeah, if it's one of the big ones."

"It is, you can have it in just a second."

"Good. My dad needs it 'cause you know what a boil is?"


"Well, he has one right here" and he points to his

There's more funny, and I promise to try and share it.


The Crib Chick said...

"What did I do to deserve a friend like you?"

"You treated me like a friend."

Yeah. Lettuce.


Susan said...

I love that Crib Chick. And you, too.

More silly stories. please.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I am THINKing 'bout a BOIL
on some Okie stranger's PEEpee
that's so BAD he needs a WHEELchair
-- should I reCORD this on a CD?

And these lyrics,
thanks to THE Crib Chick
are causing me some RETCHING
So I pretend
that I am praying
And drink
instead of kvetching!

Cause it's after nine
in OKC
and no liquor
can be purchased
dear Educat
so this one's for you

Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit
dit it DIT dit DIT dit DIT dit

Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit
dit it DIT dit DIT dit DIT dit...

educat said...

Ms C!!! You've made me write a whole other set of lyrics!!

For The Crib Chick (in honor of the night of her father's passing)...

I am driving to my friend's house
and she wants some coke and red wine.

I can't buy them in the same place 'case I live in Oklahoma...

This might be the perfect cheer for my blog right now.

Tom's Diner lyrics!! Now!! From all of you!!!

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Remember, it's a Right To Work state, not a Right To Drink state.

I am NONplused when I THINK of
people DRINKing coke and RED wine
Coke and RUM? now that sounds Okay
but Merlot and COKE? Ooh, NO way

We put SALT on waterMELon
and we LOVE fried green toMAtoes
But even BOONE'S farm or RiuNITe
mixed with COKE is just too MUCH!

I've been EXiled for too long now
From the Land of the red PEOple,
but it SEEMS the drinking HABits
there have GOTten pretty STRANGE!

Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit DIT dit DIT dit,

Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit,
Dit dit DIT dit DIT dit DIT dit...