Friday, June 23, 2006

He Is An AmeriCAN, Not An AmeriCAN'T

I can't vote for this man, but if anyone within the sound of this keyboard can, consider it an Educat endorsement. A ringing Educat endorsement. I only regret that I cannot rent a home in his district and vote for him myself. Every time I start talking about him I fear that I sound like I make him a man-myth ("He learned French from comic books!! He team taught with Michael Feldman!! He built his home from directions in the Mother Earth News!!!*), so we'll leave it at this.

*None of these facts are mythical. Not a dang one.


Susan said...

I may move just so I can vote for him.

Hey, and Jennifer Seal rang my doorbell the other day! I told her she could put a sign in my yard; it's the least I can do. No, it really is.

"Ms. Cornelius" said...

Hey, he went to mah alma mater! He MUST be quality!

Caryn said...

Wow! From what you said and from the article both, he sounds fantastic. Too bad I can't vote for him either.