Saturday, April 22, 2006

Where I Become Someone I Am Not Sure I Know

I recently said to a friend in reference to weekend plans,
"Yeah, just give me a call. The only things I have to do on Saturday is

I spent the better part of college mocking people who said those sorts of things.


elementaryhistoryteacher said...

Oh come on...haven't you ever had a 'redneck teacher's weekend'? Washin' clothes and gradin' papers. That's all I do all weekend. Honestly I don't know how I used to work all week and go out every night. I couldn't do it now if I tried.

educat said...

Key word is laminate. High School Teacher+Laminate=something unusual or wrong.

Grading and laundry is my gig.

The Queen said...

Every time I read this post it gets funnier. In my defense, I was in elementary education. We were GRADED on our ability to laminate. And let me tell you--it wasn't any of these modern doo-hickies they have now where you run your widget through some rollers and it comes out all smooth and hermetically sealed on the other side. Nope--you lay flat pieces of laminate with the victim sandwiched in between and pressed the lid down. Then you counted out loud to 45 seconds--if you were off, either the thing would fall apart or it was fried beyond recognition.

A little vodka and coke, a late night last minute cramming--very WRONG things were laminated. But not by me. Sigh. I was a Goody Two Shoes. I was the one worried those irresponsible future kindergarten teachers were going to BREAK THE MACHINE!

Have fun in D.C. :)

educat said...

Yes, Queen, I had a rather lewd suggestion of what to laminate for my one college laminating assignment. We, however, did not go through with our plot. Baptist school and all...

And it should be said that the future teacher who made the joke (for it was just that) is now an outstanding teacher and a pillar of his community.

But he's also in High School.