Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Study In Contrasts

Today, the news of my pending teacher nerd camp extravaganza was published in our District Board Highlights.

And I was seen pushing a shopping cart through the halls, muttering to myself.

You see, in response to the theory that children test better in their actual classrooms, our administration has decided to do just that! In the regular rooms, in with you! During your regular class time! At 2pm! And it's ninety degrees out!! And you don't get the traditional breakfast!!

We're not happy with this plan. It extends testing to three days rather than two (after we have enough trouble getting students to school for two days), and because of my classroom's proximity to the cafeteria, displaces my third hour.

So today, while my colleagues marveled at my summer in New England, I pushed a shopping cart. It sounded like this...

"Wow! Educat! Great news about your summer!...Um...why are you pushing a
shopping cart?"

"You're serious? I'm stunned you're not familiar with the research,
children test better in their own classrooms. And thank you, I'm very excited
about the summer."

...and then I would wheel away, muttering.

I believe I am keeping the shopping cart forever. It was in the copy room and no one uses it. It's very convenient and some of the kids have offered to pimp it out for me.

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