Sunday, April 23, 2006

Here Is A List Of Things That Are Good

Spring is painful. School activites are at full throttle, sinus and allergy evil float in the air ready to pounce, and summer feels close enough that I ought to be sleeping in. And now, enjoy a list of the things that get me through.

  • I have Humanities students who can articulately speak of this painting as a product of the Counter-Reformation

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  • The damn testing ends Tuesday and my students and I will go back to being normal people who read interesting things in class and just enjoy them.
  • I am hearing back from one of my kids. He did model legislature in college and wants to help the kids next year--just wants to! Just came by one afternoon in April to tell me he will! And when I gave him a contact to volunteer for a real political campaign, I made his day back!
  • I leave Friday for Washington DC again. The competition my kids do has once again selected me to be their scholarship teacher, and this year I will go with none of these worries. It doesn't seem right or fair that I should go twice, but do you turn down a free trip? You do not. It'll be a good vacation after my weeks of testing hades.

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