Saturday, February 04, 2006

Checking My Reflexes

I try so hard not to be knee jerk anything when it comes to political issues, so call this my way of checking myself.

Are the President's comments regarding Advanced Placement training in his State of the Union address really a non promise?

In his address, he speaks of a great initiative to train more teachers in Advance Placement Math and Science. Here's what makes me think he's promising nothing:

I don't teach AP. I have plain old, regular Sophomores. I am, however, getting AP training. The training is free to all teachers (I think our State Department funds it) and my district even pays me a stipend to train. I am attending my first training in a couple of weeks and am looking into a week of AP Teacher Nerd Camp. All of this if free to me. Math and Science teachers get the same deal. All free training.

So is the President promising to fund training that's already funded? Fill me in, internet. What have I missed here?

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"Ms. Cornelius" said...

I AM an AP teacher. Where's the love for me, since I teach lowly AP US history? I guess there are some districts that don't want to pony up for the ttraining from the College Board.

I think you caught the point-- let's offer to pay for something that most likely will get paid for anyway. That's a great tie, by the way. Thank Yew.