Sunday, February 05, 2006

I Just Saved A Bunch Of Money On My Car Insurance By Driving To Church!

I changed my insurance policy last week--please don't use that tired old Geico commercial. It doesn't apply here--and while I will not offer specifics as to the company (I ain't tryin to get Googled), I was suprised by one of its features.

I have evidently taken Christian insurance. My new agent comes highly recommended and his quote was a good one, so I signed with him without knowing the specifics of his company. Here are a only a few of its features.

  • If I am in an accident en route to a church function, I pay no deductible
  • If I am hosting a church function in my home and someone is injured, their medical coverage is kajoopled
  • If my car is broken into and religious materials are stolen, they are replaced before I pay my deductible

So I got to wondering...

  • Is my coverage good if I am en route to a Mosque or Synagogue?
  • Can any substances found in my system be chalked up to a sacremental function?
  • Can I claim at any time I am driving that I am en route to worship (given my command to always "be in an attitude of prayer" and the fact that this is the Bible belt and, as my dad says, "It's always worship time somewhere!".)?

I am working in my mind on a list of such questions for my new insurance agent. Share any other ideas you may have.


Karina. said...

"Say I put a bumper sticker on my car that says, 'Follow me to (name of church).' Wouldn't that imply that I'm always going to church?"

Inheritor of Heaven said...

Perhaps since you listen to Christian music or even just sing along to the radio (sing to the Lord a new song) if your stereo gets swiped it should be covered. Also, if your laptop gets stolen from your car, it should be covered shouldn't it? Because from time to time you mention God or use the name of Jesus or at least show us that you love even the least of these in your class.

Nicole said...

Oh, since I go to a Christian school and work at a Christian counseling center, wouldn't I get all sorts of perks? ;)