Friday, February 03, 2006

A Story On Why The Model UN Pages Should Only Be Used For Business That Later Turns Into A Thank You

When I was a Senior in High School, I wasn't exactly popular. If anyone knew me at all, it was because I was involved in the Drama department. I was in Student Council, but did mostly behind the scenes work. I didn't date, didn't party. Good lord, I was in Model UN, how cool could I have been?

This made the events surrounding Prom stranger than they would normally have been.

I was asked to Prom in a note handed to me by a page at Model UN. My friend's boyfriend was Afghanistan with his buddy, whose High School claim to fame is that he was an assistant manager at the dollar movies. Dollar movie had just broken up with his girlfriend (who was in college) and I suppose that rather than debating, they cooked up this hot scheme for Prom. The invite took the form of a resolution--I was charmed and accepted (after worrying that we would get caught misusing pages, because I was there to debate! Not play!!). We would double date with our friends. The evening promised to be magical. Immediately, my mother began to sew my pink satin Princess Grace dream dress. Shoes were dyed to match. The late 1980's wheels were turning.

All too soon, the wheels found their emergency brakes. For reasons I never understood, Dollar movie tycoon dumped me a week prior to the prom. What would become of my appointment for big hair? My Grace Kelly dress? The perfectly matched shoes?!? Armed with the anger of a woman scorned, I planned to go "stag" with a friend from one of my classes, and around my High School, the gossip flew.

I feel a bit sorry for the Dollar Movie boy, because most everything that flew, flew at him. For example, my AP English teacher evidently chewed him out in front of the entire class (a move that charms me in the part of my brain that is a student, but makes me worry about him as a teacher). Dollar's fellow Afghani delegate didn't speak to him for over a week.

Nevermind that, however, I had a dress and dammit (and I would never have said dammit back then), I was going to Prom!!! It was my destiny. That night, I was painted, teased, and jeweled into a 1980's High School Prom dream! After visiting the McDonald's drive through with my friend (it just seemed right at the time), we tromped into the Country Club where the Prom was held.

What happened at the door of the Prom still baffles me. I simply am not the girl that things like this happen to. We were met at the door by the aforementioned English teacher who told me, "Educat, you better get you another of these for your scrapbook, cause your momma ain't gonna believe it". Somehow, despite all logic, I was on the ballot for Prom Queen.

Let it be known right now that I was not the Queen of that Prom. I never expected to be. If offered the crown, I probably would have shamed it with some snorting laugh. What I did do was show. Despite all High School logic, I was second runner up. To understand this victory, you have to understand the hierarchy. There was one black candidate, and she won. A five foot nothing cheerleader was runner up, then it was me. This means that I placed ahead of two (or three?) actual popular girls. I chose at that time to believe that this was not some Carrie-like stunt and I still conclude that it wasn't a bad showing for a nerd.

Which brings me to today(are you still there?). Somehow, despite anything I can grasp, I have place third in The Best Of Blogs Education and Homeschool Blog category. Third place with this group is pretty good. The Education Wonks took first place honors--and as the hub of the edu-blogosphere, it's no doubt the title they deserve. Second place has been awarded to The Bonny Glen. Melissa has authored several books and has a very comprehensive homeschool blog (no small feat). So I am third in this crowd? The honor is huge.

And maybe I should show my URL to my momma, cause she probably won't believe it.

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EdWonk said...

Congrats on finishing in the top three! I would be willing to bet that the decision was a close one, as you have one of the best sites in the EduSphere. :-)

Unknown said...

Good things always seem to be in threes (Father, Son and Spirit being on group). I guess I should have voted a few hundred more times (sorry). I only read your edublog out of that group anyway. Never said thanks for the stitchy mcyarnpants kind of humor (and I don't even knit). You might like James Lileks and some of his motel postcard and matchbook humor. I may have given this link before but is where you will find it. Today's bleat is sometimes good but if you like stitchy then try The Institute of Official cheer link or Postcards from the open road or Matchbook-O-Rama links. Oh heck try em all.

Susan said...

I just adore you, Educat. I wish every teacher were like you. Or at least every teacher my sons will have. Congratulations!

And--I was also asked to prom during a session of Model UN, and ALSO fretted about the Misuse of Pages. The geek world, it is small.

Hooray for Ms. Educat! Now I'm off to find you a crown.

educat said...

Thank you all, you're very kind.

Inheritor, I loved the postcard link. You did tip me off earlier to a couple of postcards of restaraunts in OKC--I actually rememberd the places!

Susan, the fact that you were not only asked to prom at MUN ratchets up your cool factor a couple of notches and knowing you also worried about Page Abuse makes my heart full.