Sunday, October 09, 2005

Toddler Blog

I am at Panera in the corner table. No territorial dirty looks today, only a woman who asked if I was "really here alone" because there was a line out there! I assured here that, yes ma'am I am here alone and that I will scoot my small table down if need be, thanks.

I didn't need to. Bite me, lady.

My blog turns two this week, and like a toddler, it's become things I never thought it would. It makes me wonder what it might become...
  • The whole mention in NEA Today seems to bring with it some kind of pressure to be a "real edblog", the kind of edblog that is in constant study of all the educational issues of today and provides constant reports of such. A couple of blogs seem to indicate that the blogs mentioned in the article are more than what they are, personal blogs by teachers. I don't mind the assumption, but it's not what I am. Sometimes, this blog will be used to examine lesson plan ideas. Sometimes, this blog will be used as a sounding board on what's happening in education. Most of the time, it won't be either of those things. I write this blog because I am learning to write. Right now, this blog looks edu-bloggish because I work in a school 10 hours a day and am learning to teach English, but it's about my personal experience. Have I mentioned before not to depend on me for news, weather, or sports? Yes, I think I have.
  • I pondered installing those knitting progress indicators and becoming more like a real knit blog. Nah. It'd be really boring to see that it takes me a whole week to add 10% more progress to the seemingly endless shrug, and there's only so much entertainment you can get out of rows and rows and rows of taupe Lion Suede in stockinette stitch (for either of us). I am starting new classes soon, but for now, I am a simple, simple, knitter.
  • I could very easily make this blog sound like a Smiths tune and talk about how I am getting ready to start new meds but have lapsed and am now eeking by au naturel--and how I wouldn't recommend it. Ever. At all. But then I wonder about too much self disclosure and how I hardly know (some of) you and can I really be expected to make those sorts of big judgement calls when I am, in fact, au naturel (it's worth noting that by au naturel, I mean without meds and not nude.).

So this is the blog Birthday post. It's a bit early, and kind of circular, but the connecting thread seems to be that I am glad you're here. All of you. Comment or not, name yourselves or not, whatever you are expecting me to write, thanks.


Jim Jannotti said...

I have no expectations... well, I guess I expect you to keep posting.

My hope is that you won't try to categorize yourself.

You can be like that other Smith's song, How Soon Is Now,

"I am the son and heir
Of nothing in particular"

Streak said...

I just like this blog. Congrats on the two years and the clever writing. And good luck with the knitting.

educat said...

Thanks to you both. I think your comments have helped me better define what I was thinking. Getting more readers has made me wonder what expectations they have and then I begin to write for an audience, and then...

You see how it works. I think I am just thinking on how all those supposed expectations might change or shape what I do.

Make sense? No? Don't expect that either.

Jim Jannotti said...


Went back and red the meds post from January.

Lime Diet Coke, huh? You're (almost) in the company of Larry McMurtry who likes Lime Dr. Pepper -- which he still has to make from scratch. And you're also an excellent writer, so there's that as well.

educat said...

Diet Coke with Lime is a recurring theme here, I spoke of it here as well.

Sonic, by the way, will put lime in anything, it's their finest service.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about turning my blog toward the theme of "The Baptist Ethos According to Bon Jovi."

I am quite sure it could be done. I've been listening to his latest single and rehashing some of the older stuff. Maybe Baptists share a general "screw you independence" that is somehow shared by New Jersians.

Congrats on two years.

Susan said...

As you are now in the toddler phase, you could just have one big ol' tantrum after another. Which could be fun, what with the au naturel and all. (Come to think of it, my kids have some of their best tantrums when they are au naturel--oh, wait, we're NOT talking about being nekkid, are we? Oops.)

Mostly, though, I just hope you will keep on keeping on. Happy Blogbirthday to you!

Cheryl said...

My favorite blogs are the ones where people write about whatever seems funny, important or poignant to them at that particular moment. It gives me a hint of personality, of slices of life in other parts of the country, makes me think, giggle, etc., all that good stuff. That seems to be what you do. Don't change a thing. Good luck with those terrible twos!

EdWonk said...

Happy blogiversary! Here's to many more. :-)

P M Prescott said...

Happy Blogversary. As Shakespeare says in Hamlet: To thine own self be true.
Keep up the interesting posts.

Amerloc said...

I guess I stop by in part because you're NOT terribly predictable, and you haven't been for rwo years. Because of the education thing, our interests overlap, but neither of us is interested only in education.

Thanks for, and congratulations on, two years of Ramblin', Educat :)

educat said...

Thanks to all of you. I have said before, I am not a complex person, just many many simple ones. I totally missed the actual day--eh, not important.