Sunday, October 09, 2005

I Might Just Try It...

I loved this week's episode of The Word Nerds. We seem to have a real problem with vocabulary in class, especially when it comes to seeing prefixes and suffixes. This episode seemed pretty understandable. I am thinking about playing it for class and then just a bit of discussion.

I love the topic of registers, it's a way of talking about language that implies that casual speech isn't wrong, it's just not always appropriate. I wonder how much they will grasp the idea of code switching.

Even if it bombs in class, you can listen and discuss.


Anonymous said...

I once taught "life skills" classes at an alternative school. The director was having trouble with cursing and wanted me to do a session on it with the kiddos (they got demerits in the program for cursing). The approach I took sounds simialr to your idea of code switching. I asked, "In what profession is it okay to use bad language, with no filters whatsoever?

They came close with jobs like fisherman and big rig mechanic (pimp didn't count), but even in those contexts there are moments when dropping a juicy F-Bomb would not serve you well. So we talked about learning how to use "your switch." I used the Nixon Oval Office tapes as an example. mean...heck, I used my own life as minister as an example.

The director of the program was appalled! She thought I should teach that it is always wrong to use curse words.

And while I'm on the subject of being in a school context. She would always refer to me as "Mr. Youmans," even when it was after school hours, like at the grocery store and such. Is that common? It seemed creepy passive-aggressive to me.

Wasp Jerky said...

Are the Letter People still around?

educat said...

Anyone who thinks they're going to get a kid to believe that profanity is never ok can't pick their battles. Even if I agreed, it's just impossible. I think nearly any discipline issue is more about timing than anything else.

And unless we're playing Jane Austen, adults ought to use first names. When I refer to authority folk in front of kids, I use Mr/Ms. When I speak to them with kids around, it depends. Can everyone in the room vote? Rent a car? Then let's use our big girl/boy names.

We have a know it all young (not young like me, I mean really young) teacher in the building who uses Ms Educat all the time. Oh, how it grates on me.

Kevin, letter people? Kids who wrote letters about the sub? Vitamin R? The Alphabet Dancers from Sesame Street? It's been a long day, help me out.

But you did make me think of the Vowel Movement kids. Thanks. I shall speak of them soon.

Word Verification--kiawdc

Killed in action-Wrap Desk Coordinator.

Wrap Desk Coordinators or WDC's are the inflated title for the head cashier of sorts at my old retail job. And now let's give a cheer for teachers who don't have to work retail anymore!!!

Wasp Jerky said...

These are The Letter People.