Monday, January 24, 2005

A Harrowing Moment

I spent about 45 seconds in terror yesterday. There was wreckage in the bottom of my purse. Carnage. Oh the humanity stuff.

The metal tin of breath mints I got as a "gift" from the Oklahoma Bar Association had opened and scattered at the bottom of my purse. The mints are tiny and pill like. In fact, they look quite a bit like my 10mg Lexipro pills. WHICH HAD ALSO SPILLED. IN THE BOTTOM OF MY PURSE.

Yep, the breath mints and anti depressants lay happily mixed in the bottom of my purse.

As I gently, carefully picked through the teeney white pill salad, I thought of the possible problems with my situation. What if I mix them up? What if I just want fresh breath but I overdose? What if I can't stop crying one day and just end up smelling nice? I giggled and filed the thought away, thinking it wouldn't occur to me again.


A visit to Sonic today had me ordering my usual (diet coke, extra lime) and reflecting on how cool Sonic had become to promote Diet Coke with fresh lime. I loved it before Coca Cola thought to can it. Loving my one time to be ahead of the curve, I noticed the small print on the ad.

"For a limited time only"

Limited!?!? Limited my ass!! Your mom is limited!!!! I imagined myself off my meds because I took a breath mint as a grabbed the carhop by her weasely collar and demanded, "Tell me it's not a limited time!!!".

Good thing that at moments like that, my breath is minty fresh.


Karina. said...

You know I was snickering mightily about the Bar Assn. mint tin malfunction...

Also, with the lime stuff - tell me about it! When will marketers realize that lime is the new cherry? That extra vitamin C will get me to drink almost anything? And that dark-chocolate anything is far superior to white-chocolate everything? I'M TALKING TO YOU, KIT-KAT MAKERS!

educat said...

At the risk of sounding like a narcisstic blog-whore, I will admit that I mentioned that the mints were from the Bar for you, Karina.

It's a fine line between customer service and whoreishness.

White chocolate is a waste of good calories and cocoa butter.