Thursday, August 25, 2005

My Newest Hand

Remember silly student name poker with Kristen (this is where I would link to that one great post she wrote on wacky names, except her archives don't go back that far!!)?

New one--

I was so hoping it would be pronounced "1-sty" or even "Oh-NESS-tee". It's not. I'ts just boring old Honesty.


Anonymous said...

Did you know we have a student with the first name "Money"? I didn't check the records to see if above named is male or female. Also didn't check the middle name. Must do that first thing tomorrow!

educat said...

I have heard about Money! I understand that Money (is this name masculine or feminine?) has a sibling named Miracle, and that there are two other siblings with crazy names. If memory serves, a fifth child is named something horribly normal like Bob or something.

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