Thursday, August 25, 2005

Pimpdaddy's Reading Corner

When Pimpdaddy feels he has to prove something to me, I somehow feel I have to prove it to you, so here goes...

I have an English class that loves to pick literature apart!!! Dearest darlings played human continuum beautifully after Alice Walker's Everyday Use and when we talked about the character who changes the most, they can give reasons for anyone to be the hero.

...and then the tag team of Pimpdaddy and Suitcase Boy!

Suitcase Boy wheels around, not a backpack, but a small American Tourister suitcase. Want to contact him? Because he gave me his business card on the first day of class!

Suitcase Boy
Aspiring Film maker, author, experienced E bay Auctioneer
Always Friendly and Willing to Help!

with anime characters all about the card.

So suitcase absorbs the whole "who is the lead character" argument and says,

"Don't laugh, but what if the story is an allegory for all of humanity. Like
Maggie is goodness and Dee is darkness, and Mama is sort of a balancing force?"

Take it, Pimpdaddy!

"Or, like, if Maggie is Skywalker and Dee is Vadar and Mama would be, like Obi
Wan, knowwhuddimsayin'?"

Holy Pimp H. Daddy, you might have made my day.

And Black Like Me starts Monday!!!

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