Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Of The Reasons God Created Blogs

I just laughed out loud and teared up all at the same blog entry.

And it's here.

Read it or we are done, you and I.


Wasp Jerky said...

I don't think you've done this yet. So, you've just been memed.

Karina. said...

If world hunger vs. Hilary Duff keeps me awake at night, this comment from the post you linked to helps keep me going during the day:

"Girls need to stop prattling on about self-esteem and start working. Unfortunately, since most of them spend all their time being catty they will always be paid less and spend their lives looking for husbands."

So. Many. Things. Wrong.

Susan said...

I need a tissue. And a cookie.

(And I KNEW you would love the Phantom Professor!)

Mary P. said...

Good lord. I honestly thought sororities were a thing of the past: they seem so very, very 1950's. Bizarre to think they engender such passioned responses, bizarre to think they still exist. And what campus allows a practice like that to continue? I'm just about speechless on this one.