Thursday, June 23, 2005

With A Sad Nod Of The Head To The McCarty Musers

...I offer my own entry into the Roadside Theology archives.
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Try Our Sundays, They're Better Than Braum's

Wow, thanks for the tip. I have been craving some ice cream but now I know I can satisfy that craving with fewer calories at your local house o' worship.

It should be noted that this picture was taken with my soopa zoom as the driveway into the Church was blocked with a sawhorse and a big sign that said "PRIVATE PROPERTY--KEEP OUT!".

When your Sundays are that good, you can't go lettin folks in on Thursday. That would be madness.


Anonymous said...

Last week over lunch with my dad (who happens to be a Baptist Pastor) I double-checked: "Dad, your church hasn't gotten one of those billboards where you put horrible puns about God on it??? Right???" He told me they had, but only used it to put church announcements like VBS up. "Fine. That's fine. But the first time I hear about your church putting up some clever little pun about God, I'm coming over to deface it. You have been warned."


Anonymous said...

This just confirms what this Catholic girl observed growing up in a small nearly-all-Baptist town: sin all you want during the week, but you have to be in church on Sunday. Oh, also, don't drink beer or dance in front of each other!

educat said...

Since my dad was with me when I caputured this moment on film, he really wanted me to grab the sign for the "Puppet Palooza" at a local Lutheran church today.

I hate to admit I liked it too much to capture it on film. If I had a puppet ministry, I would have Puppet Paloozas.