Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Why Hello, Pulse of Hip! I Shall Now Place My Finger On You!

I shall never be at a loss when speaking to children again!! I have found the Urban Dictionary and lo, the world of their silly silly talk shall be at my fingertips!!

I have already solved some of the mysteries that have puzzled me throughout my career.

  1. Bama-- My findings here support that the word has its origins in Alabama, but I was shocked to find that it points to the less than hip more than the racist. I am also shocked to find it has nothing to do with those little pecan pies.
  2. Holla Back Girl--Sure, Gwen Stefani isn't one, but just what isn't she? Reports vary here. It could mean she is an upright young lady who won't respond to a booty call, it could mean that she is the head cheerleader and not the one who repeats the yell. I am going with this definition.
  3. My resolve to fight the use of the word crunk in the mainstream is validated here.
  4. Swoll means more than I ever thought it did.
  5. Bitchcakes as a term of endearment is validated. It's not just for me and Karina anymore!
  6. So this is what w00t means!
  7. I promise to return to school ahead of the curve with my acquisition of argyle pimp, failureteer, and twinkie.

Gotta make sure I spellasize before I publish!


Jim Jannotti said...

You can keep all the others, but bitchcakes, that's a keeper.


educat said...

I tend to agree, Jim. It's all in the name of understanding my students.

And with apologies if this is too familiar, welcome to the blog, bitchcakes.

Jim Jannotti said...

I don't know the urbanese for "No offense taken."

Anonymous said...

My personal favorite is failureteer. My neighbor is a failureteer because his water and electricity are turned off because he refuses to go get a job! Yeah I can think of many uses for that word.


finijo said...

My sister and I found the urban dictionary last year when we heard the term "dirty sanchez" on SNL and didn't get the joke. That lead us to find a treasure trove of words we NEVER wanted to know the definitions for.

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, thanks again for answering the burning question of just what Gwen Stefani means by Holla Back Girl. I owe you several, my friend.

I can't wait to go bitchcakes in a knitting store. I can't wait to say bitchcakes in a knitting store.


educat said...

I am now a bit scarred for knowing about a "Dirty Sanchez". Ew. It's a small price to pay for the treasure trove of information that is the internet, I suppose.

I leave town Friday, prior to that, I could go bitchcakes at any time, bitchcakes.