Friday, June 24, 2005

Government One, Little Guy Zip

I wonder sometimes what my politics look like in the larger scale of things. I mean, I look liberal in this region and in this day and time, but what if I was from the East? What if I lived 40 years ago? As I read deeper and deeper I like the ideas of the Anti-Federalists but also hold a serious concern for the poor. I find myself wanting the governments hands off more and more issues. Is that only because I don't trust this Government?

So right now I define myself as a moderate. I would like to see a proposal for small government. I am beginning to think I could get behind it.

Which leads me to The Supreme Court ruling on Eminent Domain. What a scary ruling from the SCOTUS! I can't seem to get my head around a way that this is not a clear violation of my right to property---a natural right, not one given by the Government!


Anonymous said...

My husband read several years ago about when George W was in charge of the baseball team in Texas and wanted to build the new stadium. He took a farm that had been in a family for years and paid them next to nothing for it. They could have gotten tons of money for it because of the location--but he pulled strings and they had no choice.

keaton said...

I'm not sure politics have a lot to do with this not making sense. I'm conservative and this is outrageous.

educat said...

That's the point. The traditionally conservative justices were in the minority here. My point is that this is a point in which not only did the conservative justices rule in an anti federalist direction, but I agreed.

It seems that conservatism is making many anti federalist strides now, this was unusual.