Tuesday, June 21, 2005

What I Haven't Been Up To

So sorry for the lack of posting, it seems summer has somehow stolen all my blogging material. I have spent the last couple of weeks looking after a different brood. Instead of High School kids, I now spend my days with my dad. I take him walking, we look for jobs. It's not as depressing as it sounds, but it isn't funny. I have become familiar with most indoor walking venues on the South side. I know where the ramps are and I have pared the time it takes to hold the door to the house, lock it, unlock the car, pop the trunk, get dad settled, put the walker in the trunk, and start the car to a record low.

I am hoping it will become a rodeo event and at long last my dream of fame will be realized.

I was thinking about my summer so far and of you, internets. What do I say to you now without sounding like a schlub? I thought of summers past and how I spent my time and I came up with this summer's brightest spot.

I am not working retail this year!

This is the first summer in six years that I have not...
  • Held a conversation with a co worker that begins with "Did you hear Delilah last night!?"
  • Ended a day smelling like a multi lotioned and scented French whore.
  • Loaded barrels for the June Sale (dear god, the June Sale!!)
  • Spent actual brain time trying to think of new words to describe a scent
  • Come home late on a Sunday night from a floor move, all sweaty yet still smelling of product
  • Allowed my heart to race with a big sale (I would mouth to a co worker with big eyes "She is totally filling up another basket!!")

Blegh. I am far, far better off.

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