Thursday, June 30, 2005

Traveling Mercies/Mercy! Traveling!

It's hard to leave town.

I love traveling, and I don't think I am a true homebody, but I am having a hard time getting ready to go. It's hard to stare at the mound of laundry I did yesterday and begin to think about everything I will need in the next seven days, iron the stuff that needs it, and get it neatly into a suitcase. It's hard to think of the shape my dad will be in when I come back. He's getting depressed and progress toward work and healing is slow. It's hard to think about my grandma in MO and the heart test she has next week (which makes me wonder, are my Poplar Bluff readers actually relatives? Both the Poplar Bluff IP addresses that visit this blog were on last night--I know you all had a rough day and I am either surprised or flattered to see that you still checked. Sorry I had nothing new to say.).

With all that, I will be mostly gone for the next three weeks and I know I will not have internet access for part of that time. I plan to audioblog, so don't change your favorites just yet. I will return on my birthday (or as I should refer to it, The Day That You Have Exactly Six Years Until My Spinster Shower) and by then will be preparing for the new school year.

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If I could blink my eyes and will myself to 48 hours from now when I will be sitting in a big green walker, knitting and talking with friends, I would. Right now, It's hard.

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