Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Since The Whole Praying For Scott Baio Thing Is Out Of The Bag, Enjoy This.

..I expect to find Him laughing..
Blasphemous Rumours--Doubting and cynical, you can find the irony in
life's tragedies

Which Depeche Mode song are you?

Thanks, Karina, for the link.

Funny that I got this result. I didn't think I sounded this dark. I usually don't post results to these things, but Blastphemous Rumors is a song that got me in a bit of trouble as a teenager.

Mom heard the Depeche Mode song coming from my room when I was a teenager and it worried her. She had dad come talk with me. He came in my room and put a record on my stereo (yes, a record. A large black vinyl CD shaped thing). He played Simon and Garfunkel's Silent Night/5 O'Clock News and talked about how this song got him a talking to growing up in a military home.

"If you're going to get in trouble for music, at least have it mean something."

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Anonymous said...

I`m "Walking in my Shoes"... :P
greetings from Temuco, Chile.