Friday, June 24, 2005

Where I Plug A Blog You Already Read And Give A Belated Thank You Note

I love Dooce and I love that many of you love Dooce. I would love for you to love Dooce. Doocity Dooce Dooce Dooce.

Like me, she has a tendancy to burst into the Church songs of her upbringing at any time. Her songs are different, but the humor is similar. When this entry was posted this week, I remembered fondly our rousing chorus of "I'm In The Lord's Army" on the McCarty family porch.

Micah was right, if heaven will be like friends and music and beer under a big sky with big stars and big laughs, I will be honored to pull up a wicker chair.


eatmisery said...

Kum ba yah!

The Crib Chick said...

LOL! Made me laugh.

Mr. Crib Chick can probably be credited with introducing the phrase 'Suck it up' to those he ministered to in Haiti; they had a hard time translating it, but they *LOVED* it once they got the idea. Why? Those folks already LIVE the 'Suck it up' life! I mean, it's *Haiti*, for cryin' out loud.

Maybe those should be the new hymns of our age...'Suck it up, ye brethren'...'Life Ain't Fair, Get Over It'...

Scott Jones said...

That was a fun moment. We need more like them!