Sunday, April 24, 2005

If It's Spring, It Must Be Castrati Singers

My life is marked by events at school every year. I know that certain events will reoccur every year. Examples--
  • Every year, there will be a prom
  • Every quarter, there will be the first day of school speech
  • Every year, the Youth and Government calendar will bring the same events
  • Every year, I will have to talk about castrati singers in Humanities, and something funny will happen.

Keaton enjoyed last year's castrati season so much, he drew a comic Posted by Hello

**Click the comic to enlarge.**

This year, I assigned parts of the text to specific students to report back. Buffy girl gets music.

In about five minutes, she approaches my desk in terror.

"Ms. Educat, looka this!! Just looka this!!! Does this say what I think it

"Well, yeah, Buffy. Remember that women didn't perform at this time and so
castrati males were valued for their high voices."

"So they, uh...cut it off!?"

"Buffy, please understand when I tell you that it wasn't as much it as

At this point Leg Wrestler chimes in.

"I can sing soprano (he then warbles a bit in a Michael Jackson-ish

"No, LW, this is a bit different. Your voice has changed. Buffy will explain
more when she presents on Monday."

Buffy turns a greenish white.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Who knew Humanities was so exciting? Could this explain the BeeGees? Tacky, tacky I know.

Beth W.

educat said...

Umm, Beth, think about body hair and tell me those men are (were) castrated.

Come by on Monday, they'll be some learning.