Monday, April 25, 2005

...And How Was Your Day?

  • I asked the question "Where have you been?" three times today. It seemed to be a day of chickens coming home to roost. Children who had not been to class in weeks all materialized today. With every one I asked and with everyone I was told "I don't know". Did they take pictures? A map?? A compass??? How are you somewhere and not know???
  • LW wished today that he could take Australian for his Foreign Language credit. After he spent about 20 nonstop minutes imitating the worst of the Crocodile Hunter making an Outback Steakhouse commercial, I suggested he try to test out.
  • Errant young man and I are discussing his future. He wants to go to vo tech and I tell him it's a great idea. He can get a job he likes soon and college will always be there if he wants it.

"Yeah," he says, "my dad's in college and he's like 32.".

"Your dad is what!?"

"Heh heh, he's my step dad. But my real dad is 37!"

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