Friday, April 22, 2005

Ladies! Ladies! Do You Wanna Save People From Hades?

Here's a smoove rap video to ease you into weekend. I agree with the friend who sent this, this guy might be serious and that makes it even funnier.


Anonymous said...

God, that's so bad. I'm always amazed at the stuff you find.

I appreciated the gracious nod to the Catholics.


The Crib Chick said...


This has made my day. Did you look at the other videos?! There's a Crispin Glover section! The police dog one is not to be missed, either.

greg said...

We heard from a guy that goes to school with him. It's a parody.

educat said...

Geez Louise, the sun never sets on the friends of the Hortons! Thanks Greg. I had a teacher friend swearing it was real by the rapper's sincere flourish at the end. I had hoped it was not.

k the wonder dog said...

Okay, this has got to be better than anything I have ever produced in my entire life.



Karina. said...

I just laughed so hard I cried. I haven't done that in a long while, but, then again, I don't have cable. The audio brought Brady out from the other room with the words "what the..." on his lips. Marvelous.