Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Fear Re-Enactments And A Plea For Help

Today the leg wrestler was in particularly high spirits. He surveyed the room, asking everyone what they were afraid of. Then he would enact their fears in his own style, hoping to frighten them.

"I am afraid of the sun, I get sunburned"
"Wooo" (says LW, mystically
waving his arms) "I am the sun!! I will burn
you!! Wear some
"I'm afraid of heights"
"Woooooooo!!! It's so very
high! I am 50 million feet in the air"
"There is nothing to fear but
fear itself"
"Woooooo!!! I am fear itself! Do you fear me!?!?

I fear for young man in another of my classes if he does this again...

For the first time I remember, I have sisters in a class. I have had to separate them a couple of times as they argue incessantly. I have a sister, it's familiar to me. Today after a little spat, a foolish boy made the cat fight noise, "Raaar!". I stopped and asked what he meant, he had no answer save a misogynistic grin.

Fear for him.

So seriously, I need you here. What is the male equivalent of such a sound? What one noise indicates the same level of sexism but in reverse? This is an all-skate, people. I need your answers.


Winderweedle said...

I think anything in a basic caveman dialect will do...

Karina. said...

I wouldn't underestimate the power of using the same cat noise when men fight. Personally, I have a "stupid male" voice - cross between stereotypical-surfer and stereotypical-football-player voices, an extrapolation from the sound one typically makes when one says "duuuh." Pretty close to winderweedle's suggestion.

The Keat said...

Sadly, I cannot come up with anything.

Vrroooom... Yeah, I suck...

greg said...

Alas, unless the boy is already a metrosexual, which it sounds as if he's not, then the caveman stuff won't bother him. It's a compliment of sorts. Sarcasm and humiliation work best. I recommend damning with faint praise.

The Crib Chick said...

What about a lion-like roar? If the point doesn't come across, at least you might frighten him out of doing such things in the future. Or maybe lose your job.

And about the leg wrestler...try this one; "Leg Wrestler, I fear that the disease of skepticism has scarred my soul."

Will you try it, just for me? :o)

I have to say, that is *fascinating*, though. Someone trying to physicalize another's fear. I'm tempted to try it out myself when C. comes home from work..."Wooo...I'm Social Security!! I'm going to disappear!!"

educat said...

Thank you all. So far (for the young man has done it again), I am using the "Sunlight is the best disinfectant" theory and just trying to get him to verbalize what he means. It's not as good.

I think next time I will say, "Good job, now what does the doggie say?".

You know how hard it is when you see someone who will grow up to be a jerk and you can't stop it?

I'm afraid this is it.

Scott Jones said...

Yes, there just isn't a corresponding sound. It is because man is One and woman is Other (that's what Simone de Beauvoir said!).

Now, after my blatant misuse of good feminist theory (to which I ascribe), I'll say that I like your response asking what the Dog said. That would get a good laugh. Though I think the kid would go on making the sound in order to see what funny thing you say next. You all could become a comedy duo.

educat said...

By way of follow-up:

-I did ask the Leg Wrestler about the disease of skepticism. He tilted his head, gave me a look, waved his arms and cried "Disease of Skepticism!!". Anti-climatic, I would say.

-Scott, my humor ideal is to give the object of my derision a chance to elect to join the joke. That way, he saves face and I make my point. Thanks for pointing out the beauty of the animal sound riff.