Sunday, April 10, 2005

Overheard In A Dressing Room

God gave me a sister so she could put the clothes back on the hanger when I try them on.

I know there are greater reasons and benefits and although we are very very different, we are close.

Hear the conversation today from the dressing room...

Educat tries on a pink ruffly blouse. Sort of like the "puffy shirt".
She's not serious about it, just investigating...

Sister: Do you remember that one part in the Great Muppet Caper where Miss
Piggy is a model and she's in a fashion show and wears that pink dress with the
really high ruffly collar?

Educat (who stops buttoning the puffy shirt and looks pointedly at sister):
No, is there a reason that you are thinking of that right now?

Sister: Oh no, I've been meaning to ask you that for days. I actually just
now got around to it.

I didn't get the puffy shirt.