Thursday, April 14, 2005

Grunewald Made Nothing From The DVD Sales

Wednesday in Humanities, we were looking at the art of the Reformation. Toothpick boy, a beefy young man who somehow requires a toothpick in his mouth after a cafeteria lunch (soy can kill when lodged between your teeth), is visibly perturbed by Grunewald's Crucifixion.

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"Ms. Educat, why would anyone ever put a picture that gory and violent in a church!? It's just wrong!"

"Well. Toothpick Boy, why would anyone make a film as gory and violent as The Passion of The Christ?"

"Because people need to know what...oh, I get it."


Scott Jones said...

The Grunewald Crucifixion is the best Crucifixion painting, in my opinion. I find it fascinating.

A true Southern man will not leave a restaurant that offers him a toothpick without taking one and putting it in his mouth. It doesn't matter if you have something in your teeth or not. It's just what you do (like old Southern women wearing ugly hats and growing tomatoes).

educat said...

We had a GREAT conversation about Grunewald that day. This painting was a good starting place for them to talk about symbolism and style.

While I will accept the toothpick (although I question your allusion that the school cafeteria might be a restaraunt), I will still refer to this young man as toothpick boy.