Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I Don't Sleep Most Nights, Just Lie Awake And Count My Blessings

So although I really enjoy self depreciating humor and would rather use this blog as a place to poke fun at myself, I am so amazed at how my summer is shaping up, I thought I would share.

After a blissfully empty June spent decompressing from school, I launch into the following...
  • First week in July, YMCA Youth and Government Conference on National Affairs, Black Mountain, North Carolina. It's a huge mock legislature program with the brightest kids from every state's program. It will be my third year and a great time with friends I only see once a year. What's more, I will reprise the coolest job ever as Print Press Co-Advisor.
  • After a day home from CONA, will mentor teachers at PACE (Programs Advancing Citizen Education), hosted by the OK Bar Assoc.
  • Third week in July finds me at the horns of a dilemma. Should it be University of Virginia for We The People Advanced Institute for Unit Three "How Have the Protections of the Bill of Rights Been Developed and Expanded?"or Project Citizen training in Newport, RI?

I love having such choices. Cannot believe my luck.

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