Tuesday, February 01, 2005

It's Not Friday and I Am Not McSweeney's, But I Have Lists!

Bullet-ey list. Too tired and too much knitting to do before class ends tomorrow night.

  • Remember the hyperventilating kid from Humanities class? He is Henny Youngman come back to haunt me. I found him shouting at the computers in the library today as our network malfunctioned, and so I stopped him. "Hey, easy there cowboy!" He looked at me with a face that made me wonder if he was joking and said slowly, "Sheriff!".
  • Damn. hipteacher knows.
  • Have you any idea how much you can learn about someone by asking them to define community? Starting Project Citizen topic selection this week reminded me. The more advantaged the kid is, the larger their definition. Poorer kids cannot see community past their apartment complex.
  • I have a giant pimple like thing on my right eyelid. It is huge. I am unsure of its origin or its makeup. At times, it threatens to inhibit my vision. I have dreamed of it becoming so large I can no longer roll over in bed for it stops me like an Elephant Man hump. Soon, I shall name it.


Pigs said...

Hah!! Sorry about your pimple, but LoL!!! Funny blog. :o)

Anonymous said...

Must be something in the water... I had the eyelid pimple (stye) over the weekend. Damn the Okie water!