Sunday, February 13, 2005

I Distribute The Permission Slips That Make The Whole World Sing

This weekend was full of the stuff that used to make for a great blog entry.
  • Articulate children finding success at some suit wearing nerd like activity
  • Not as articulate children finding their voice
  • Hugs and tears all around at the end of a great day
  • Children winning offices and enough awards to run Midwest Trophy (the local company that runs a near monopoly on plaques and trophies) for 3 min
  • Taping children in rooms and an overnight travel situation that left me baffled (sometime, the youth ministers that read this blog and I will have to have a forum...I think you might know some things I need to know)
  • returning home to roost and sharing their cool new lives

I thought about it driving home yesterday. What to share from this weekend? I thought about it for the :45 it took for me to crash into a twelve hour sleep and I am thinking of it now. You have heard all this and I know that if I clean it up or make it a good story, you will enjoy it again. That's the problem with year two of a blog that recounts my personal life. It's been done.

It's been done for me now for eleven years. For the eleven years I have taught, I have taken kids out for competition and trips (hang tight, this is where the entry comes in). I have had eleven years of facilitating "once in a lifetime" experiences. If I retire from an entire career of teaching, I will facilitate such experiences for some 34 years. So far, it's working. So far, I can get myself to the realization that I am a facilitator of scrapbook material. What is another day of work for me is the kind of thing some teenager remembers forever. As long as I can get there, I know I am in the right job.