Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Hairy Beaver Walks

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Remember the Hairy Beaver Jacket? I thought I had stopped it. I complimented Beaver boy for respecting my wishes and himself for ceasing to wear the jacket when I asked. I was super teacher! My word had brought results!!!

Lunch today brought my dream to a screeching halt. As the meanest English teacher on earth (You know her, every school has her. Ours teaches AP classes, is afraid of the internet, and is a bit of a harsh Yankee type) ranted at having seen the jacket. "Wait!" I said "I told Beaver boy to leave it at home!! It's gone!" Meanest English teacher told me that he has handed it off to "some other little fucker" and named at least three other kids who had been spotted in the jacket. Our assistant principal, a lover not a fighter, had told one kid not to wear the jacket and Meanest went into great detail of how she would tell Lover that that Beaver has a life all its own. You can hear it all, all the boys want in the Beaver for a day, it goes on.

Thank you Kristen for the best conclusion...

Dam kids.

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