Sunday, February 13, 2005

...And Now, As A Service To You, The Reader, This Entry Translated By Gizooolge.

I Distribute The Permission Slips Thizzay Makes The Whole World Sing

This weekend was full of tha shiznit thiznat used ta makes fo' a bootylicious blog entry.

  • Articulate children find'n success at some suit wear'n nerd like activity
  • Not as articulate children clockin' they voice
  • Hugs n tears all around at tha end of a bootylicious day
  • Children ridin' offices n enough awards ta run Midwest Trophy (the local company tizzle runs a near monopoly on plaques n trophies) fo' 3 min
  • Tap'n children in rooms n an overnight travel situation tizzle left me baffled (sometizzles tha youth minista that read this bizzy n I wizzle hizzy ta have a forum...I think you mizzight know some chillin' I need ta knizzay
  • return'n home ta roost n frontin' they coo' new lives

I thought 'bout it rollin' home yesterday. Wizzle ta share from this weekend? I thought 'bout it fo' tha :45 it took fo' me ta crash into a twelve hour sleep n I am think'n of it now . Subscribe nigga, get yo issue.. You have heard all this n I knizzay that if I clean it up or makes it a good story, you wizzill enjoy it again , betta check yo self. That's tha problem wit year two of a blizzog thizzay recounts mah personal life. It's been done.

It's been done fo' me now fo' eleven years like this and like that and like this and uh. For tha eleven years I have taught, I have taken kids out fo' competizzles n trips (hizzang tight, this is where tha entry comes in) puttin tha smack down. I have had eleven years of facilitat'n "once in a lifetizzles experiences like this and like that and like this and uh. If I retire friznom an entire carea of teach'n, I wizzay facilitate such experiences fo' some 34 years. So far, it's work'n. So fizzy I can git me ta tha realizzles that I am a facilitizzle of scrapbook material . Wussup to all my niggaz in the house. W-H-to-tha-izzat is killa day of work fo' me is tha kind of thing some teenaga rememba gangsta. As long as I can git there, I know I am in tha rizzay job.

Thanks, finijo

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I now see that this has been translated for you by some sort of Internet apparatus...I was really worried about you for a moment! (Did she sit down and type this herself? What mad parallel universe am I in?)

You've given me much needed I long for the brown, brown grass of home. :o(

Jill, in a library on the east coast