Saturday, January 29, 2005

Where She Reaches Her Arms Around The Internet For A Full Frontal Hug

Today I am awash with love for my children and those who love them. I have never been so proud of a losing team in my life.

Today was state competition for the We The People program. We participated with my debate class and were the Bad News Bears of the competition. Picture this...
  • Two of the three competing teams were Advanced Placement Government classes
  • Those classes are made up entirely of Seniors
  • Their teams were totally white

Now to contrast...

  • My Debate class is kids in grades 9-12.
  • My Debate class is special ed kids through honors kids
  • We are very much not all white (I hear that judge for the day and OK Court of Criminal Appeals Judge Gary Lumpkin commented that we "looked like the UN")

So, yeah, we took third out of three teams. So would you. But here's the deal, here's the magic: My kids spent the day basking in the love of great people who recognize their work. Parents came out, my colleagues from teacher institutes adopted my kids as thier own and took pictures, people in high places noticed their diversity and their effort. And my friend told me that the scores were somewhat close!!!

I feel like the debutante at the orgy (all those thank you notes...). I have lots of notes to write and some of you who read this blog will get the paper copy, but some of you won't. Know how important so many of you readers are to my classroom. When you cheer my kids on in this dinky blog, you love my kids. You help me see who they are when I defend them or enjoy them with you. Thanks for that. If you have had the pleasure of loving my kids in person, hold for a paper copy but for you, internet, thanks.

There is more to say and I know I am missing something and that perhaps this didn't make sense but today has been three weeks long. It's time for yarn and sleep.


Anonymous said...

The debutante at the orgy????? That's a totally new one, J. What a great day we had! Andra was so sad on the way home- we kept trying to tell her what a wonderful job she and everyone else did. Jennifer, I have an all-new appreciation for what you do! You're amazing with those kids. Micah and I learned about a hundred new things about the Constitution today from those kids! We had so much fun. Thanks for letting us be a part!

educat said...

You can tell Andra (and I will too come Monday) that she has NOTHING to be bummed about. Miguel was very impressed with our Unit One, and our whole team overall!!

Check your email, she has a lovely shot with the Chris of Darkness that she should enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, I stumble upon this blog through Michah and Kristen's, initially finding their's through Scott Jones'. I'm one of his many youth. I really enjoyed reading this post, and as a high school kid who goes to those UIL competitions on a regular, and somewhat unhealthy, basis, I can honestly say that having a support group there who is behind you all the way at those things is SO AWESOME. I love it when we find ourselves with EXTRA teachers who have come along to "help chaperone" when we all know that they come because they want to. That means all of us meeting at our school at 6 in the morning to spend about 12 hours at another school, competing in the morning and then just spending the afternoon hanging out and talking. What you're doing is awesome, and I would just like to say Thumbs Up on that debate competition. You won so much more than you may realize. -natalie my homepage is

educat said...

Natalie, you are sooo in my Debate cult now and as your cult leader, I give you your first command.

Tomorrow, tell your teachers what you just said. Really. If I could do it for you, I would.

Thanks for stopping by and sharing! Thanks for "getting it". Keep sharing it!