Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Hair Of The Dog

Today, I was grossed out by my crochet listserv. You would think that the last place to find grossness is a list of folks talking about scarves and tea cozies (Susan, those people need prune juice and Depends...I'm not there yet.).

Check out this exerpt from a post to the list (bold emphasis is mine)...
I would like to share my experiences with spinning pet fur. My grandchildren faithfully brushed their Golden Retriever Sugar and sent me sandwich bags full of her down. I mixed it with alpaca and handcarded and spun the soft fluffy fiber. It was plyed with a thin sparklygolden thread, then soaked in lukewarm water and Eucalan in the kitchensink; I squeezed the water out and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed. Ihung the hank, unweighted, to dry and then crocheted a keepsake bag for each child. They were delighted to have such a remembrance.

My friend saved her son's angora cat's fur for me, the cat is sparking white. I mixed Puffy's fluff with merino and angelina and spun enough to make 2 ply yarn. My friend knit a wall hanging for her son for Christmas.I used the same procedure for washing the spun yarn which had a beautiful halo.

Did you get that? Scarves from dog and cat hair!!!

Keep your pet hair, friends. I will continue to work with the yarn I know.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean that making people gifts from the llama hair would be gross too? Is that a little less gross and weird than a dog or cat?

Tell me the truth.

educat said...

This was a topic of much discussion at knitting tonight. Our teacher thought nothing of it, she had heard of knitting dog and cat hair before.

Here is where I stand. Llamas=ok fur. Domesticated animals=spooky.

It's sort of like eating dog or cat...although I don't know if I would eat llama...hell. I stick by it. Cat scarves are creepy.

finijo said...

I feel itchy.