Friday, January 28, 2005

Ribbed--And Maybe For My Pleasure!

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I am in the process of teaching my hands to knit. Crocheting has already shown me the relaxing joy of yarn, but knitting is a bigger challenge. Why are these women smiling? Because they have hardly begun to knit, that's why! Look how small those swatches are!! It's nothing.

My knitting homework project has been ripped out three times. I get distracted and loose count of my knit knit purl purl sequence and end up with a renegade stitch at the end of a row. Take four is successful so far, but I had to walk away to keep my head fresh. Soon I will have enough knitting to see the ribs my stitches should be forming and my stretchy hat will form.

I'm keeping this up to prove I can perfect something. I am keeping this up to develop patience. Every time I wear something I made or pull out my yarn, a student will ask if I will teach them. I hope to do that someday. I want to create a community of kids like this.

I will get there. I will leave my computer soon and hit my needles and hope to see the ribbing.


Anonymous said...

The stretchy hat is kicking my ass.

I shall try again tomorrow, when I've had rest.

The picture would look much less cheery, if taken tonight.


greg said...

why don't you two just start drinking prune juice and wearing depends? for God's sake you're old ladies.


Anonymous said...

Guess who's never going to get a beautiful scarf knitted for her?

educat said...

So tonight I ditched the ribbing and decided to do a coin purse. I am using a stockinette stitch so I can continue to purl.

I shall have it finished on Wednesday...God as my witness!!

Then I plan to start booties. I was going to make them big enough for Mrs. Horton but now...