Thursday, January 13, 2005

When They Took My Mugshot, I Tried To Look Like Molly Ringwald

Writing the last entry (which you will read after this one) made me want to share the story of the only time I was ever sent to the office. It's a good Christian school flashback.

I'm in the 8th grade at Grace Christian Academy. Christian Living class, they separate us by gender so we can learn about menstruation and Proverbs 31 at the same time. Miss Cottrell is in the midst of conducting laundry drills! She names the garment, you name the temp in which to wash!

**sidebar** Miss Cottrell is of one of the sects that wears no pants, no makeup, and doesn't cut their hair. This matters later...oh yes, it matters.

I am daydreaming away...probably about Duran Duran...when Miss Cottrell comes to me. Thirteen year old, five foot eight me.

"Educat (as I was called at 13), 100% cotton jeans"


"13 year old Educat!, no wonder your pants are always too short!"

"Like you wear pants, Miss Cottrell!"

It was worth it, friends. Well worth it.

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