Thursday, January 13, 2005

He Preaches the Gospel of Repentance to Halliburton!!

Two ideas rattling in my head led to this entry:

  • Greg's post and the following comments titled "Reactionary" have me thinking about my time growing up in the church and in Christian schools and how it has brought me where I am. I have left the church, particularly the Baptists, slowly for the last 15 years. First it was the ordination of women, then separation of church and state, then the idea that poverty is not moral failure, then I had the nerve to not get married, and most earth shattering the questions about how man actually finds himself on a journey with God. It's been hard work for the last 15 years.
  • I am packing for our school's leadership retreat. I am such a sucker for these events--they are what youth camp might have been for me if you weren't supposed to find a boyfriend or talk about hell. The big Saturday night feature event is "Me in a box"--a self explanatory activity. Searching for an old big haired pic of 1980's Educat led me looking through memorabilia from high school and early college. Most interesting are about 5 horrid religious poems by some man in his 50's who used to sit in "Downtown Falls Creek" (you know where I mean, between the book store and the Icee stand) and sign these poems that he wrote. Look for a these in a later entry. They are quite 80's retro fundy fascinating.

All this deconstruction and leaving behind of things has made me want to build---something. I know what I don't want, now it's time to find what I do want. I have found it. Join me friends, I hereby seek ordination in Rev. Billy's Church of Stop Shopping!!


Scott Jones said...

As a teenager, I was supposed to find a boyfriend at youth camp?!? I didn't know that.

educat said...

Looks like we both missed out, Scott.

Streak said...

Great, great post. Thanks for this one. I guess it is so nice to read other journeys of people who have drifted away and why. The women issue was huge for me. I was raised (as a male) to expect submission or something like that, but started recognizing pretty early that my female friends were every bit as qualified (and more) in everything that mattered. I could do more pullups (not sure that is still true, btw) but in every other issue--spiritual, emotional, theological or intellectual--I was blessed with great women mentors and friends. After a while, I just stopped arguing with my Baptist friends about equality and feminism.