Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Summer Plans That Melted

Har Har Har!!!

So my summer weight loss goal fell flat in the face of medically induced nausea? So what, I say as I read this!!!

I always consider faking a wedding for myself when I come back to school. Frame a pic of an ugly man for my desk, wear a ring and claim to have kept my name...anyone have thoughts on this?

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Karina. said...

I think you NEED to fake a wedding - is there any doubt? Better still, I always wanted to walk into a froofy chick store (Pier 1?) and fake a wedding registry. With a disgustingly big, obviously plastic "diamond" on the left hand.

And btw, I want EVERYTHING on the "Smart Women Vote" site. Nerd girl online paradise? (Which is 7.)

And there's nothing wrong about loving sentence diagramming books. In fact, a pic of one of those books could replace the ugly guy in the fake-wedding-picture scenario... or maybe a monkey...