Saturday, August 21, 2004

Ramblin' Educat Recommendations

So I just had a great last day of summer wandering aimlessly with a friend and playing all over OKC. I ate at a new restaurant and it led me to a recommendation list. In the spirit of the McCarty Must List, I give you the Ramblin' Educat Recommendations....(I could go on and on but will limit this list)

  1. Irma's Burger Shack---What a joyous afternoon I had today at the Burger Shack! I had the no name burger with mushrooms and swiss and I will just say "delish"! Take my advice and wait to sit on the patio if you can stand the wait. There were folks from all walks, motorcycle types with murals tattooed on their arms, yuppies, even a lone diner who just wanted an afternoon of burgers beers and books. The music is charming, I actually heard not only Buck Owens, but a charming Freddy Fender cover of Secret Love. Ahhhh....just good stuff!
  2. Kamp's Market and Deli---My new happiest place on earth! I love their food, their coffee, and their corner of books waiting for lone diners. This place is packed packed packed with fun food of all types. Peruse the grocery, you will see all kinds of crap you didn't think you could find in the OC. Also of interest is the most aesthetically pleasing counter boy I have seen in all my years. Really, it isn't lust, just appreciation. He has fine boned facial beauty and the flowing locks of a young David Cassidy. He has eluded me every time I have taken Karina, but one day we shall see him. Try the pasta salad and the Leprechaun iced coffee.
  3. Educating Esme: Diary of a Teacher's First Year by Esme Raji Codell---A friend of mine commented the other day how impressed she was that I read so much non fiction. Trust me, if all non fiction was as pleasing and quick a read as this was, we would all read more non fiction! Esme has helped me through the doldrums of back to school prep work this week. Her chronicle of her first year has her fighting the same power I fight and saying the things I wish I could. She is hilarious and ballsy. Wish I knew more like her.
  4. Martinis and Bikinis, Sam Phillips---I must have bought this album around 1995 and I played it to death back then. It was lost somewhere in the mess of three classrooms, two dwelling places and 4 cars but I was lucky enough to score a copy this summer. Sam Phillips was once "CCM" (man, I hate that term) artist Leslie Phillips. She left Christian music in the late 80's (details of that here, it is an interesting tale), met and married producer T Bone Burnett, and then recorded this album. Hearing "I Need Love" again after so long nearly made me weep this summer, it echoes a lot of my own feelings and took me back to the part of the journey I saw almost 10 years ago (if that doesn't make sense, remember you are reading a personal blog).
  5. Go Write! Self Stick Dry Erase Rolls---Yep, my must list includes office supplies. Nerd nerd, I am a nerd. Found this today at the Office Depot Teacher Jamboree and I am in love! Gone are the woes of my limited white board space for I shall post these on my wall and use and reuse them! It's my answer to my principal's dreaded "big stickies".

Get out and try this stuff, have fun.


Anonymous said...

Be one with your nerdiness


greg said...

Irma's is awesome! Great burgers and a pretty good selection of beer and wine. Wine doesn't go so good with burgers, but if you're just there to drink, it's a plus.

Anonymous said...

Yo, Jennifer...I think our little Parish group is going to meet at Irma's Sunday night! If you're free, please please please come! I would love to meet you and make sure once and for all we are not, indeed, the same person! 6:00. Think on it.
Kristen McCarty

educat said...

If I am not selling lotion, call me there!

Anonymous said...

YAY!! You've finally read 'Educating Esme' I can focus my energies on mentally willing you to finish 'Life of Pi'...

Jill for Short