Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Nasty Back to School Minutiae

This is a hard time of year for me. I am all at once excited for a new school year and the fresh smell of new school supplies and depressed to see summer end.

I love being a teacher in the summer because it allows me lots of time to talk about teaching. I have spent four of my nine summer weeks in some sort of teacher conference/staff development and love love love the scholarly atmosphere without the trouble of actual grading or administration. It's all so free flowing and happy.

So I move now from talking about this job to doing it. I move from scholar to another cow in the herd. Bleugh! Am hoping for a perk up with the arrival of actual children.

Found today that the English classes I thought I had planned for all summer might not be mine. I am on deck for two teeny Communications classes and my one Debate class. Am planning to rattle cages tomorrow. Who knew I would be so sad tonight at Mardel as I looked at the sentence diagramming book I had hoped to use? I thought about the reader's theatre version of "The Congo" I got this summer and groaned out loud at the thought of not using it! Save me from my own nerdness!

Two bright spots: I had a man make sweet scissor love to my hair today. I swear to you he cut each hair individually. I have the hair of my dreams, my hair is all sassy sunshine and rainbows. I also discovered the power of the Jesse Jackson impression to cheer up the downtrodden. I have to do this in person for it to really work. Ask me next time you see me. If I see you soon you can see this swank haircut.

This is the best desktop wallpaper ever.


Anonymous said...

Mardel? You get your school supplies at Mardel? I expected better of you!

BTW, making sweet scissor love to my hair is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time.

educat said...

So, anonymous, does sweet scissor love cancel out Mardel so I come out even?

Here's the deal, Mardel is the best place to get some of the teacher kitsch I need. I cannot find those awful Argus posters at many other places that will take a school PO. I will let you know that the larger balance of crap will be purchased at Office Depot this Saturday when I collect my annual bag of crap at the teacher breakfast.

Know that my head is with you enough that I felt the need to clarify.

I close with a haiku from the other blog...

Shop at the Mardel!
Their money goes to Jesus -
Straight up to heaven.