Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Back to Schoo...

I haven't blogged much because you have to be a bit of an idealist to do this job (at least to do it well) and I have spent all spare energy trying to scare that up. I lost my English classes and have had a charming amount of rage over this issue from my colleagues (I just smile and answer, "I am charmed by your outrage, but it seems there is nothing we can do.".).

I really really look forward to the kids coming tomorrow. There will be tales a-coming and I am ready!

Meanwhile, please visit the Studio 575 blog to view poetry inspired by a marathon inservice. Go. Go and comment.


greg said...

Why have you lost your English classes? You can email me a response if you prefer that medium.

educat said...

Thanks for asking and I don't mind posting it here. We can also talk more at Irma's this weekend. I got my English certification year before last in order to stay at West (with the budget cuts and declining enrollment in my basic speech class, I needed to diversify). My degree is actually Speech/Drama Ed and I only needed to test to add the other certification. My English class last year was my first and I did a good job. My EOI scores show it so I am pretty sure this is not personal.

When the budget situation improved, we were able to hire more English teachers and somehow the counselor's office saw fit to give me two incredibly small Communications classes (really, 5 and 8 kids). All of this was switched around while I was in Boston-- I was not aware until last week. I think the rationale is to use my classes as sort of an educational drip pan (thank you Jill for the analogy) for those kids who just happen into school around Labor Day. I keep getting conflicting stories.

Wow, this should probably be an entry rather than a comment. I could rant on and on and am struggling hard with when I need to lay off and be a team player and how much of this is harmful for kids (today we had English II classes of 30 while 5 kids were in my room for Comm). I loved the new challenge of teaching English and want to become better at it. A number of things might happen here and I will keep you all posted on what happens.

Again, thanks for asking. One way or another, this will be a good year.