Thursday, August 26, 2004

"We're Smart and We Bathe!!"

Credit my friend Paula with the title for today's blog. It was the perfect retort for the student who laughed at us as we squealed over tinted Burt's Bees and talked politics.

Today is the 84th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment which gave women the right to vote. Smart Women Vote sent me an email today with some great resources for encouraging young (and not so young) women to exercize thier right to vote. I might buy up a batch and stir up the teen girls in my life. You should too. Nurture the inner nerd in your local tween or teen. Someday they will thank you!

  • 1000 Flowers has some great emery boards with cute "go and vote" slogans. They are encouraging manicure parties and adopting a salon and registering the women there to vote.
  • Smart Women Vote is the coolest site ever!!! You can download the wallpaper for your desktop and purchase buttons, pencils, stickers and tattoos (!!!!!!!!!) to get the message out.

Remember, I am working to scare up idealism now (see my comment under the last entry, I sort of explain the present state of my head there) and I quote a good teacher friend of mine who says "I don't teach cynicism, they'll learn it soon enough if they haven't already.".

I just did the Jesse Jackson impression for myself. Keep. Hope. Alive!!

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